Our Credo

The set of values that guide our company’s actions daily


We believe in leading by example

Walking the talk.
It means acting consistently with our Credo even when it is hard. Especially when it is hard.

We love the sufferfest

We know that we have to work through pain, through the awesome discomfort, to do anything of real value.
We grind all the way to the top, not sitting up. Everybody suffers on the mountain – we suffer better.
We thrive above the threshold.
We are never half-arsed.

We believe in absolute honesty and integrity

Dishonesty or unethical behaviour is an automatic DQ.
Not even white lies are tolerated – it creates distrust and distrust slows us down. We don’t like being slowed down.

You don’t have to podium, but you have to participate

We only employ people who are active or do sport. Who knows the joy and the life improvement that comes from working hard physically.
We especially like cyclists. A lot.
We bend over backwards to help our team race, compete or participate.

“If it is not on Strava, it didn’t happen”

We believe in measurement and reflecting on our performance.
We believe in getting better.
We believe in accountability in others seeing and holding us accountable to our goals.

Play the ball, not the person

Deal with issues head on.
Assume that we all have the best intentions, which means we can deal with the issues, without penalising each other.
Make the hard decisions without being hard on people.

Push your limits, not your luck

We push the envelope, and if we push the envelope, we will make mistakes, and that is ok.
We do not push our luck. We do not push the envelope without doing the work, without being diligent, without sourcing available information, without managing the risks.

We are employed by the cycling community

Our policyholders pay our salaries.
If a policyholder cancels a policy, we feel aggrieved and take it personally.

Our rides always start on time

Be there for the warm-up. Which means being early.
If you are not on time, we don’t wait. The ride leaves without you.

We trust our gut

If something feels wrong, we don’t do it.
If something feels right, do the work first to double check and make sure YOU are right.

We get a kick out of solving worthwhile problems

We love the process of solving problems.
We particularly like audacious solutions to hard problems.
Like running a global business in large markets from Stellenbosch.

Life is too short for bad coffee and stale cake

We savour quality of life.
That includes working with awesome people, working in a great environment, going on mind-blowing rides, and yes, good coffee, and sometimes great cake.

We have strong beliefs, lightly held

We make decisions. Firm decisions.
But when new information appears, we make new decisions, and we are not married to old beliefs.
That also means being intellectually courageous.
And it means not having a fragile ego.

We like things done yesterday

Don’t leave until tomorrow what can be done today.
Think. Decide. Move. Today. Now.

We believe in people who watch TED Talks

We keep learning and challenging ourselves.
It is not about the TED-talks. It is about learning, growing, expanding, getting better. Whether you read academic papers, books, watch TED-talks or listen to audio books while riding in Jonkershoek.
We expect all of us to keep getting wiser, smarter, and more interesting.
We never grow stale.

Life is better on a bike

We want to keep and enable people to ride bikes.
We are in the business of paying claims – fairly and firmly.

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Nic Kohler

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Richard Enthoven

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Roger Grobler

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